Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With G


GaabaGreenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning God is my strong…

GaabrielA form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.

GaarwineA close mate with a spear.

GabaiDelight, adornment

GabbaThe whirling water


GabeFrom the name gabriel

GabinoMan originally coming from Gabium or Gabio.

GableJunior Gabriel or Son of Gabriel.

Gabrielman of God

GabriellaDevoted to God

GabrijelCroatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.

GabrioGod is my strength and shield.

GabryjelGod is my shelter.

GacokiHe returns.

GaddRefers to thorns or point.

GaelenThe one who keeps his mind firm under difficult situation.

GaenbaldA person who is a reserved and respected person

GaenbealdOne who is versatile and religious person

GaenburhAn alluring, noble and high spirited