Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With H


HaadyGuiding to the right, righteous

HaafizPreserver, guardian, keeper

HaakonHigh son, decendent

HaaroonHope, optimism, positive expectation.

HabibullahLoved by God, God’s beloved

HabilOne of the sons of prophet Adam; Biblical Abel

HabushunAn ancient Arabic Boy name

HacAn old, Anglo-Saxon nickname for Haca

HacaAn old Anglo-Saxon byname that is not complementary

HaccaA non complementary Anglo-Saxon name

HachimBrave breaker or destroyer of evil

HackmanServant, one who serves

HadaMyrtle tree, noble spirit

HadadClamor, joy, noise

HadafObject, goal, target

HadalMistletoe, a plant

HadaraA stunning or spectacular ornament,

HadarahA stunning or spectacular ornament,

HadasHadas is one of the “four species” used on Sukkot with the l…

HadassMyrtle tree in Hebrew