Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With K


KaajKaaj means to Rejoyce

KaalappanThe father of time or the Lord of time

KaamKaam means Effort to work

KaamiKaami means Wishes and Desires are Fullfiled

KaamjaaAn easy going and approachable individual

KaapalinA likable, good natured and happy individual

KaapoEstonian form of Gabriel, meaning man of God

KaaproKaapro means Strong man of God

KaaraPristine and pure

KaareKare name means Man of Heart

KaarelEstonian form of Charles. It means man.

KaarleKaarle means Strong

KaarliEstonian form of Charlie. It means man.

KaarloThe name means The Strong One

KaarmugilanThe meaning of the name is The Rain-bearing Cloud

KaarmuhilanKaarmuhilan means The Cloud that Bears Rain

KaartiKaarti means Hindu period of the Year

KaarvannanKaarvannan name means God Kannan

KaavalanKaavalan means Guard, Protector

KabalKabal means Clever, Active, Intelligent