Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Name Meaning Likes

Malkhaz Beautiful, elegant, youthful

Malkuno Little prince

Mallaki A messenger of god

Mallik Master , angel , king

Malohi Strength, a strong man.

Malone devoteeofStJohn)

Maloney Descendent of a servant of church

Mamaisa He who likes being alone or solitary

Mamani The earth

Mamuka Little father

Man-Shik Deeply rooted into something.

Man-Young Ten thousand years of prosperity.


Mancio A soothsayer or one who foretells the future.

Manford Protected ford; A variant of name Mundford which is a place…

Manfredi Sicilian form of Manfred. It means strength peace or peacefu…

Manley Hero’s meadow

Manneville From the great estate

Manning Son of the hero

Mannix little monk