Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Name Meaning Likes

Manny God is with us

Manoel Manoel is the Brazilian version of Manuel, meaning God is wi…

Mansel Manse; house occupied by a clergyman

Manton Man’s town; hero’s town

Manuel In possession of great power, strong

Mapappa Someone who has been detached or removed

Marc From the God of wars

Marcario Bless, blessed by God

Marcelino From the god mars

Marcellin Marcellin is a form of Marc and means from Marcus or refers…

Marcellino Maori is the Maori of Mark and means from Marcus.

Marcellus Little marcus

Marcelo Little marcus

Marcu A form of Marcus, meaning God of war.

Marcus From the god mars

Marcuss From the god mars

Marden Valley with a pool

Margh Margh is Cornish form of Mark and means consecrated to the g…

Margus A variant of Margus, meaning from Mars.

Mariano From the god mars