Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Name Meaning Likes

Marijan Slovene form of Marianus, meaning male.

Marik A form of Mark, meaning warlike, martial.

Mark War-like

Markham Homestead on the boundary

Markk From the god mars

Markko From Mars

Markkus Of mars the roman fertility god mars for whom march was named

Marko From the god mars

Marku Romanian form of Marcus, meaning defense or of the sea.

Markus From the god mars

Markuss Dedicated to Mars (the Roman god of war

Marley Lake meadow

Marlin Deep-sea fish

Marlo A form of marlow

Marlon little one of the sea

Marlow Hill by the lake

Marlowe lake, pool

Marouane A solid stone from marou that was used to make fire in ancie…

Marquis governor of aborder country

Marquise governor of aborder country