Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With H


HaadiyaOne that guides towards righteousness, tranquil, calm.

HaadyaVery well behaved, well mannered

HaafizaProtector, defender, to shield

HaajarSolid as a stone

HabibehPopular, admired, well liked by everyone

HabikaSweetheart, darling, beloved

HablahA woman with a good income or earning.

HadaraHebrew for ‘bedecked in beauty’

HadasaThe myrtle tree; compassion

HadasahThe myrtle tree; compassion

HadassaThe Myrtle tree in the Hebrew

HadassahVariant of Myrtle tree in Hebrew

HadeelTo coo like a dove, the sweet voice of a dove

Hadiapeaceful, Guide to honesty, non-violent

Hadleavariation of the name hadley

HadleyField of heather

HaduA vigorous battle maiden.

HadyaGuide To Righteousness, Gift, Well-behaved

HaeO girl who is like an ocean

Hae-WonGraceful and beautiful garden.