Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With L


LaakaCarefree, or the lark bird.


LacaLaca is a name that derives from a Town in Normandy

LacciMan from normandy ; as delicate as lace

LaceLace comes from a French Nobelman’s surname

LaceeThe name comes from a Normandian Nobleman and a Town in Normandy

LaceneLacene was a French Noble Surname, after the Town in Normandy

LaceyThe name derives from French Normandian Town

LaciLacy ; lace-like

LaciaLacia means Tender like a Lace

LacieLacie means She is like a Lace

LacieeLaciee a Girl as bautiful as Lace

LacinaLacina comes from French Noble Family name

LacineLacine name derives from a Famous French Noble family who came to ENgland after the Normandic invasion

LacramioaraLily of the Valley


LacyLacy derives from different towns in France, brought to England during the Norman Conquest

LacyannThe name of the Trench Nobleman

LacyePlace name, derives from France, Normandy

LadislavaShe who rules with glory.