Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With N


NaadiaOne who is full of hope

NaajaGull, seagull

NaasoqPlant, flower

NaavaHebrew for beautiful

NachellePowerful woman


NadeleineA ray of Hope

NadelleSomething that arise a hope within

NadelynA belief that something wanted can happen

NadeneThe complete confidence in a person.

NadiThe one who is manifesting hope.


NadineA trustful relationship.

NadìždaA variant of Nadeja, meaning hope.

NaevaThe person who was born during sunset or dawn.

NaeviaThe person is full of life and spirit.

NafulaOne who was born during the rainy season.

NaiimaBelonging to one

NaileShe who is tall and slender.

NairnaDweller at the alder tree river