Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With T



TaaraOf the tower ; rocky hill / star ; in mythology , an astral goddess


TabbathaResembling a gazelle, known for beauty and grace

TabbethaResembling a gazelle ; known for beauty and grace

TabbithaResembling a gazelle, known for beauty and grace

TabbyA familiar form of tabitha

TabeaFrom the ecclesiastic greek tabeitha, a woman who was brough…

TabethaHebrew for ‘beauty and grace’

TabiaPolite behavior and talented

TabitaAramaic name of dorcas meaning gazelle


TablitaA tiara a headdress with feathers and symbolic design

TaceDerivative of the english name tacita means silence

TaceyA familiar form of tacia

TaciA form of tacey

TacieWoman from the sabine tribe

TacitaFeminine variation of tacitus means quiet

TacyFeminine form of greek anastasios means of the resurrection

TadaCame from thaddea means heart