Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With V


VáclavaMore glory

ValdisAn Old Norse name, meaning goddess of the dead.

ValentinStrength or Health

ValentinaLatin for brave; strong

ValerieFrench for powerful


ValeryStrength or Health

ValeskaShe who is glorious

ValgerðurRuler or protection


ValpurgaFemale master of the tower.

VandaA warrior

VanesaCroatian form of Vanessa. It means butterfly.


VangelijaMacedonian form of Evangeline, meaning good news.

VanityInflated in pride

VanyaGracious, a woman who is graceful to God for everything.

VardaHebrew for pose

VardoVardo is Georgian word for Rose, commonly used as a female n…

VarvaaraEstonian variant of Barbara, meaning stranger.