Christian Baby Boy Names

Are you thinking about naming your Christian Baby Boy Names like Mark or John? Wouldn’t that be a bit common for your prince? He would love something unique and precious because it is going to associated with him for lifetime. 

You may be confused about deciding a modern name for your baby boy. Don’t worry, because now you have landed on a full-fledged list of Christian baby boy names. 

You have landed on this page because you are a Christian who is either blessed with or expecting to have a baby boy. 

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Name Meaning Likes

Aasir One with a captivating and fascinating personality.

Aata Bear or stone in Maori language.

Aayden someone like fire, fiery

Abacuck One who likes to seek adventure and travel

Abaeze Branch of the kings

Aballach Father of Modron

Abayomrunkoje God won’t allow humiliation.

Abbe My Father is Joyful ; A Variant of Abby

Abbes The name means a lion who has ruthless face

Abbo A Condiment (Mudama Origin)

Abdiel Servent of god

Abdieso Derived from name Abdiel that means my servant

Abigail Her father’s joy

Abner Father of Light

Admon Red peony

Adney Noble’s island

Adon Lord

Adonai My lord

Adonnis In mythology , a handsome young man loved by aphrodite

Adriaan A man from hadria