Christian Baby Boy Names

Are you thinking about naming your Christian Baby Boy Names like Mark or John? Wouldn’t that be a bit common for your prince? He would love something unique and precious because it is going to associated with him for lifetime. 

You may be confused about deciding a modern name for your baby boy. Don’t worry, because now you have landed on a full-fledged list of Christian baby boy names. 

You have landed on this page because you are a Christian who is either blessed with or expecting to have a baby boy. 

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Name Meaning Likes

Alaan Handsome

Alan rock,

Alann Handsome

Alby A city surrounded by white hills

Alden Old; wise protector

Aldous from the old house

Aldred Old; wise counselor

Aldrich Wise counselor

Aldwin Old friend

Aleksandar Defending men

Alessandro Defending men

Alex A helper and defender of mankind

Alexander Defending men

Alexandro Defending men

Alexxander A helper and defender of mankind

Alf elfcounsel

Alfie A familiar form of alfred

Alford Old river ford

Alfred Counsel from elves

Algar elfspear