Dhan Rashi Rajput Boy Names


BahadurWarrior, Brave, Bold

BalbhadraBrother of lord Krishna

BaldevStrong, Godlike in power

BalrajMighty, Powerful, Strong

BalramLord Krishna’s brother

BalvantImmense Strength, Powerful

BhadraveerLord Shiva

BhageeratOne who brought Ganga on Earth; One who brought river Ganga to the earth

BhageerathOwns a glorious chariot

BhagharajLord of luck

BhagiratGlorious chariot

BhagirathOne who brought Ganga on earth, An ancient king

BhagvatHoly Book of Hindus


BhagyarajLord of luck, Lord of faith

BhagyrajLord of luck

BhanupratapRising Sun in the Morning; Valour of the Sun; Warmth; Dignity; Splendour; Valour

BhardwajA sage, A mythical bird, Skylark, Strong and fast

BhaudipLight of Emotions

BhaumikrajLord of the earth