Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With I


IndeeverBlue lotus

InderMoon, Faith

InderjitLimitless shank, Boundless, Protector


InderpalPerfect, Complete, Godly, Benediction

IndiranLover, Variant of Aashiq, Sweetheart


IndivarA Blessing, Benediction, Blessings

IndiwarThe planet, Desirable, The Planet

IndraGod of the skies

IndraarjunBright and brave Indra

IndradatOrigin, Embrace, To embrace

IndradattGift of Indra

IndradyumnSplendour of Indra

IndrajeetKing, One without Sorrow, Without Grief

IndrajitShelter, Place for Stay

IndrakantOne who Gives Refuge to Others, Ruler

IndraneelLord Shiva, Who is easily pleased

IndranilBlessed and victorious

IndrapalA cavalier, A Hindu month, Medical God