Hindu Baby Boy Names

Since you are looking for Hindu Baby Boy Names, I guessed it right 🙂

Warmest congratulations to the new parents on the birth of a baby boy. 

If we have guessed right, your family might be now looking to decide the perfect name for the handsome one.

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Name Meaning Likes

Aadit Bright

Aaditeya Peak

Aadith Son of Aditi

Aadithya Lord of Sun

Aaditva Lord of the Sun

Aaditya Variant of aditya: the Sun

Aadiv The Sun

Aadvay Delicate

Aagam Encouragement

Aagney Coming, Arrival

Aagneya Son of the fire

Aahnik Delight

Aaish Beloved

Aakaar God blessings

Aakaash Cloud

Aakar Shape

Aakarsh Shape

Aakarshan Attractive

Aakash Attraction

Aakesh The sky