Hindu Baby Boy Names

Since you are looking for Hindu Baby Boy Names, I guessed it right 🙂

Warmest congratulations to the new parents on the birth of a baby boy. 

If we have guessed right, your family might be now looking to decide the perfect name for the handsome one.

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Name Meaning Likes

Aakhyaan Lord of the sky

Aalam Attached

Aalap The whole world

Aalok Religious scholar

Aamod Inhabitant

Aanal Fire

Aanand The Sun

Aanandswarup Joy

Aanav Full of Joy

Aandaleeb Humane

Aangat The Bulbul bird

Aanjaneya Colorful

Aanjay Son of Anjani

Aansh Unconquerable

Aaradhak Light bringer

Aaradhy Worshipper

Aaranay Worshipped

Aarav Beginning, Starter

Aariket Handsome, Healthy

Aariketh Against desire