Hindu Baby Girl Names

 Nameyourbaby.best brings a curated list of Hindu Baby Girl Names that you can browse based on the alphabetical order or sun sign, i.e., the rashi. 

Congratulations on the birth of a baby girl! 

Looking at your pretty girl makes you feel responsible to find a pretty name too, isn’t it? 

Finding the suitable name for that cute, innocent, and beautiful princess is a daunting task. 

And, of course, you do not want your daughter to end up with a common name like Priya or Puja. 

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AabhaShine; Glow; Sun Rays; Strength

AabharanaLittle sister Unpredictable

AadarshiniContinuous Younger sister

AadhanaPatience Forgiveness Tolerance

AadhinandaDaughter of Moon

AadhiraMinute particle Beautiful

AadhrikaA part of



AadhyasriGarland of rays

AadishriThe Sun

AaditaAuspicious A star Lucky

AaditiBeginning; Peak


AadrikaSmall grass of life

AadritiLiving in a hermitage


AadyaOne who is Always First / Best

AaghnyaBorn from Fire; Goddess Lakshmi