Hindu Baby Girl Names

 Nameyourbaby.best brings a curated list of Hindu Baby Girl Names that you can browse based on the alphabetical order or sun sign, i.e., the rashi. 

Congratulations on the birth of a baby girl! 

Looking at your pretty girl makes you feel responsible to find a pretty name too, isn’t it? 

Finding the suitable name for that cute, innocent, and beautiful princess is a daunting task. 

And, of course, you do not want your daughter to end up with a common name like Priya or Puja. 

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Name Meaning Likes

Aagna Permission; Command; Advice; Order

Aaheli A celestial maiden

Aahlaadita Light classical melody

Aahladita Experience

Aahna Exist; Beautiful; Traditional

Aahsha Hope

Aaina Mirror; Reflection

Aaisa Obedient; Lively Person

Aaiushi One with Long Life; Live Long

Aakaanksha Revered

Aakaansha Idealistic

Aakanksha Joyful

Aakansha Experience

Aakarsha Another name for paanati

Aakarshika Divine light

Aakrati Shape

Aakriti Lightning Strong The Moon

Aakruthi Thunderbolt Lightning

Aakruti Elder sister

Aalaya Guest