Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With C


CahilA young and naive man

CaliphAn Islamic title

CanOne who is full of spirit, life and heart

CandanaA cadid, sincere person

CandaninHe is sincere and hones

CandonA sincere and honest man


CareemA man with generous personality

CasAn imperial man

CasildoThe one who carries a lance.

CasparA man whou guards the treasure

CasperOne who is a treasurer

ChakirThe chosen one.

ChamaliThe one who serves water.

ChangazAn extremely brave man.

CharleshChief of the tribe.

ChashidaAn experienced man.

ChavdarDerived from a Persian word meaning leader, dignitary.

ChawishLeader of the tribe.

CheikhoAssyrian form of Sheikh. It means leader of Islam or chief.