Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With D


DaaiProphet Muhammad

DaaimLasting personality

Daaminguarantor, surety

DaanaaAn intelligent person; wise

DaaneeshFilled with wisdom

Daanishwisdom, learning, science

DaaoodName of a Prophet

DabbahLatch or door Lock.

Dabirroot, origin

DaboorMorning Breeze

DadvarJudge or one who is just.

Dafiqjubilant, active

DagarOpen Space/Battle Field

Daghfalname of first islamic geologist

DahbalThis was the name of Wahb Ibn

Dahhaak(Zahhaak) Name a of Sahabi who Participated in the Battle of Badr

DahhakOne Who Laughs Much

DahiLion, Rapid

DaiamEverlasting or permanent.

DaibHappy Fellow