Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With F


Faaizvictorious, successful

FaakhirProud, Excellent

Faarihhappy, delighted

FaarisHorseman, Knight

FaarooqA man who knows the difference between right a wrong


FaatihA person who conquers,opens and initiates things

FaazVictorius, Successful

FadahunsiThe king’s favor

FadeeA gallant man who is self-sacrificing


FadghamA tall and handsome man

FadhlA man who is gracious and giving

Fadiredeemer, ransomer

FadilGenerous, Honorable, Superior

FadlOutstanding, Honourable

FadlullahExcellence of God

FadwaA man who is self-sacrificing and gallant

FadyHe is a great savior of men