Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With H


HaadyGuiding to the Right

Haafiztitle of a man who has memorised the whole qur’an, guardian, protector

Haakimjudge, ruler, governor

HaalimGrown Up

Haamidpraiser (of allah)

HaanRooster; name of a place

HaaniContent, delighted, happy

HaanishDelighted, pleased, happy

HaardHeart’s Feeling, Main, Meaning

HaarithPlowman, Old Arabic Name

HaaroonA Prophet’s name

HaarunWarrior lion, combatant, fighter

Haashimgreat grandfather of muhammad, an important tribe in early islam

HaasimOne who live the life with zeal, ardor and enthusiasm.


HaaziqIntelligent, Skillfull

HababAim, Goal, End

HabashGuinea Hen, Guinea Fowl

HabeelName of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam AS

Habibbeloved, dear one, friend