Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With J


JaabirHe is a good counselor



JaalibOne who has a motive, a cause for acting

JaarehOne who wounds and cuts

JabalMountain, Ibn Yazid

JabalahName of Ibn Harisah a companion of the Prophet PBUH

JabanSoft Hearted

Jabbarpowerful, mighty

JabezGod Will Increase Your Boundary

Jabirbonesetter, restorer

JabrCompulsion name of a companion

JabraanA penalty for your deeds

JabranA reward or a penalty

JabrootMagnificent or majestic.

JadCurly, Frizzled

Jadwalbrook, rivulet

Jafarspring, rivulet

Jafnatgenerous, liberal

JafriYellow Flower