Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With M


Maajidglorious, noble

Maalikowner, proprietor, master

Mabrukblessed, prosperous

Mahbubdear, beloved

MaheerA brave bold and courageous man

Mahfuzsafeguarded, well-protected

Mahibmajestic, dignified, magnificent

Mahirskilled, proficient

Mahjubhidden, covered, screened

Mahmudpraised, laudable

Mahrussafeguarded, protected, secured


MahzarPronouncement; Declaration or Opinion

MaierBright and shining

MaieveenA variant spelling is Maievin which is a surname

Maimunauspicious, prosperous, fortunate

Maisureasy, successful, lucky

Majeedglorious, praiseworthy

Majlisgathering, assembly

MakaarimA variant of name Makarim which means Of good and honorable…