Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With S


SaadeeThe lord or the master

Saadiqtrue, honest, devoted

SaafirAmbassador, Handsome

Saaidrising, ascending

SabahatBeauty, Grace, Handsomeness

Sabatfirmness, stability, endurance

SabawoonA Pashtun term for dawn or morning

SabeerPatient, Tolerant

SabghtaColor given by Allah, true faith,

SabihComing or Arrival in the Morning

Sabiqfirst, winner

SabitFirmly in place, or unshakeable.

SabtuMalay word for Saturday.

SadeedRelevant, Pertinent

Sadidcorrect, sound, hitting the target

SaditHard Working and Strong

SadooqHonest, Truthful, Sincere

SaduhSinger, Singing


Saeedhappy, lucky, blissful