Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting With T


TaabishModerate and comfortable heat

TaafeefPraise or hymn of God

TaahidTo Console, To Guard

TaahirChaste, modest

TaaiSubmissive to another’s will

TaajwarOne who has power to rule a kingdom

TaalibA student, seeker of knowledge

TaalimSky, high up above

TaamirOne who knows dates

TaanishFrom an indian word means good

TaaqulClever thought

TaatheerSuccessful in producing a desired result

TabaarakOne is blessed; Greatly revered or respected

TabarakConsecrated, glorified

TabariA famous Historian

TabarikTo be Magnified Greatly

TabarusRecall someone or something in mind

TabbahAnother Name of Madina City

TabbarFamily, Caste, Race

TabeedGlitter, Curve, Shine