Islamic Baby Boy Names

You might be here to find the Islamic Baby Boy Names for your new born prince! First things first, a big congratulations to the family! 

Now, you might be on the quest to find the perfect baby boy name that matches with your beliefs, religion, and latest trends. 

A baby boy has a special way of bringing out the man in his father and the little boy in his grandfather.” —Tanya Masse 

 Quite a task it is! 

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Name Meaning Likes

Aahad Unity, oneness, harmony

Aahil Prince

Aakif Attached

Aakrama Name of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad.

Aalam World

Aalamgeer this means the supreme conqueror of the world, Defeatless

Aalee Sublime, high

Aali The another name of Allah or the almighty

Aalif The one that is sympathetic or compassionate, affectionate…

Aalim Religious Scholar

Aamil Doer, Work man

Aamin the one having A great grace of God, the one who is divine

Aamir Civilised

Aamish The meaning of this name is the one full of enjoyment this a…

Aapo Finnish form of ABRAHAM or being father of multitude

Aaqaa the supreme owner or father, having full authority

Aaqib Follower

Aaqil Intelligent

Aarash First ray of the sun.

Aarib the one who is healthy and very handsome