Islamic Baby Boy Names

You might be here to find the Islamic Baby Boy Names for your new born prince! First things first, a big congratulations to the family! 

Now, you might be on the quest to find the perfect baby boy name that matches with your beliefs, religion, and latest trends. 

A baby boy has a special way of bringing out the man in his father and the little boy in his grandfather.” —Tanya Masse 

 Quite a task it is! 

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Name Meaning Likes

Aarif Knowing, aware

Aariz Respectable man

Aaroh the one having high qualities as a mountain

Aaryan Of Utmost strength

Aarzam the name means War, battle or being conqueror

Aarzoo Wish

Aasaf the one who is very clear or lined up

Aashif Bold, courageous

Aashik The true lover, a suitor

Aashiq Lover

Aashir Living

Aasif An able minister

Aasil Name itself gives aggression. means to assault cruelly and c…

Aasim Person who keeps away from sins

Aasir fascinating, honoured, captivating

Aat Someone who is daring

Aatazaz Someone important or servant of the mighty.

Aati The one who is generous.

Aatif Kind Affectionate

Aatiq Kind affectionate