Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting With D


DaajiyahLiving well off

DaariaA river that never recedes its flow


DaemaEyes, Vision, Eyesight

DaenaDivine Knowledge

DafeenahHidden treasure

DafiyaNarrator of Hadith

DafiyahNarrator of Hadith


DahliaIn Scandinavian meaning is : Flower named for botanist A. Dahl.

DaibaAssiduous, persistent

Daiebahard worker

DaimaSomeone who would be present throughout her life

DainaA Variant Of Daniel

DaisaWith respect to competition

Daiyacaller for Islam

DaliaIn hawaiian meaning is : a branch; to draw water

DalilaDelicate ,Gentle

DaliyaIn Sindhi meaning is : Dahlia

DaliyahIn hebrew meaning is : Tree branch