Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting With H


HaadiyaThe gift of righteousness granted by the Lord

HaafizahHaving a good memory, one who knows the whole Quran by heart.

HaajarHard as a rock

HaajirahThe wife of Hazrat Ibrahim, peace be upon him.

HaalaVariant Of Hala: Lunar Halo, Glory.

HaalahA crescent shaped ear-ring, name of the sister of Hazrat Khadija tul Kubraa (RA).


HaamedaOne who is praises allah

HaamidahOne who praises.

HaaniyaThe gift of simple happiness in our lives

HaarithahName of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.

HababFine Dust

HababahIn Sindhi meaning is : A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith.

HabashaEagle, hawk

HabeebaVariant Of Habiba: Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling.

HabeekahWave, wave of the sea, curl of the hair

HabibaBeloved. Sweetheart. Darling.

HabibahLoved One, Beloved, Sweetheart

HabibehIn parsi meaning is : Beloved

HablaTo Arcual