Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting With N


NaadhiraVariant Of Nadhira: Blooming, Flourishing.

Naadhirah(Naazirah) One with healthy and happy looks, a bright face reflecting luster and freshness.


NaadirahRare, choice, precious.

NaadiyaAn exotic name for a woman who is the bringer of all new

NaafiahProfitable, advantagious, useful, beneficial, good.

NaaheedVariant Of Nahid: Elevated, Venus.

Naa’ilaVariant Of Na’ila: Winner.

NaailahEarner, winner.

NaairahBright, Shining

Naaji’aBeneficial, Useful.

NaajiaVariant Of Najia: Free, Escaped.

NaajidahCourageous, a lady who accomplishes difficult or takes libertasks. one who appeals for help ties.

NaajiyaOne who saves oneself, One who gets salvation.

NaamahIn hebrew meaning is : Pleasant

NaasheetaSomeone who is the core of all life

NaashirahA helper, a friend.

NaashitahLively, brisk, active, energetic, a monitor, a giving sound

NaasihaVariant Of Nasiha: Advisor, Sincere.

NaasihahAn advisor, a sincere friend: counselor, a faithful minister, advice.