Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Name Meaning Likes

Taheera A pretty exotic name for a chaste woman

Taheerah Cleaning Paki

Taheraortahira Pure, chaste.

Tahereh In Farsi meaning is : Pure, chaste, clean

Tahira Virginal, Pure

Tahirah Chaste, Pure,virginal.

Tahirah taahira Pure, chaste

Tahirih Pure

Tahiya Greeting, salutation, cheer

Tahiyah In Sindhi meaning is : Greeting, cheer.

Tahiyahortahiyat Greeting

Tahiyat Greetings

Tahiyya Greeting, Cheer.

Tahiyyah Greeting,Cheer

Tahkeem Making Ruler

Tahleem Beauty, decoration

Tahmina Wife of the famous Persian hero Rustam and mother of Sohrab.

Tahmineh A Female Character In Shahnameh,Rostam’s Wife

Tahniat Congratulations

Tahoona The Satisfaction