Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting With Y


Yaaqoo’Variant Of Yaqu’: Hyacinth, Sapphire.

YaaqootRuby, a precious stone, a garnet.

YaasmeenVariant Of Yasmin: Jasmine Flower.

YaasminVariant Of Yasmin: Jasmine Flower.

YadiraWorthy, Suitable

YaferaTo Image

YafiahIn Muslim meaning is : High


YakootahIn Muslim meaning is : Emerald

YaktaUnique, incomparable.

YalaaExalted, high.

YaldaName Of The Longest Night Of The Year

YalqootAn early woman who gave much in charity

YamaamaReferring to the agile nature of a dove in the wild

YamamaWild dove

YamamahValley in Arabia


YameenaA woman who has been brought up the right way

YameenahVariant Of Yaminah: Right And Proper.