Meen Rashi Rajput Girl Names


DakshaEarth, Wife of Lord Shiva, Skilled

DARSHITASeen, Vision, Display

DayaGrace, Kindness, Pity, Mercy

DeepikaLamp, Light, A raagini used in Indian music

DeeptiFlame, Luster, Glow, Shine

DevyaniLike a Goddess

DevyanshiPart of a divine power

DharaConstant flow,Earth

DharmishthaLord of Dharma

DhruvdeviThe polar star,Constant,Faithful,Firm

DhruvishaPart of Star

DigishaDirection of god

DikshitaThe initiated

DimpalA small indication one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles



DivyaDivine, Divine Luster, Heavenly, Brilliant, Extraordinary

DivyanshiPart of a divine power

DivyansiPart of a divine power