Rajput Kshatriya (Darbar) Baby Girl Names

Rajput Baby Girl Names If you are on this page, it means you have recently welcomed a baby girl in your family or among friends! Congratulations!

Now the task is to find the unique girl names. A tough one! And that too when you are a Rajput and looking for a Rajput Baby Girl Names that truly depicts the valor, grace, and bravery of the clan.

Indians tend to follow the rashi for deciding their kids’ names. This fact is kept in mind while designing the list and placed alphabetically. Therefore, no matter you are looking for dhan rashi names or meen rashi names or names starting with particular alphabet, Nameyourbaby.best has it all!

Not to worry! Here’s the Royal Rajput Baby Girl Names list to browse and select the perfect name for the angel you just welcomed in your life.

Popular Baby Girl Names by Religion


Name Meaning Likes

Vishvani Lord of Universe

Visva Conqueror of universe

Yashashvi Blessing

Yesha Famous, Glorious

Yogesvari Goddess Durga

Zarna Flow of water