Traditional Indian Baby Girl Names 2021

One of the biggest task for parents is selecting a perfect name. Naming baby girl names is not a matter for parents only, but it is a great deal for family and relatives. Some people prefer traditional Indian baby girl names 2021. Traditional names have their own importance. It depicts their own culture and religion of one’s family. Traditional names can be given after the names of God and Goddess.  

In this modern era, parents carry out research before choosing a perfect name. Parents think of having meaningful and trendy names for their Barbie doll. So, if you have recently welcomed your little one to this world, then the below list of traditional Indian baby girl names of 2021 will help you to provide a meaningful name for your kid.


That was all for the meaningful traditional Indian baby girl names of 2021 that you could go through for your child. Do let us know if you liked our compilation of Indian baby girl names that reflects the heritage and traditions of our culture!

Here is a list of some of the most popular traditional Indian baby girl names 2021 that are in great trend these day

AadhiraMinute particle Beautiful
AadhrikaA part of
AadrikaSmall grass of life
BaishaliAn Ancient City
ChaarviGoddess Lakshmi Lucky
DaakshyaCrescent Moon
DakshitaThe Moon
EeshaIndian name meaning ‘beautiful, graceful and pure in the spiritual sense’.
FaloniQueen bee
vGajalSong, Love
HaasinaBeautiful, Attractive Girl
IditriOne who praises
JaagaritiWith moonlike face
KaashviIs wakeful
LaxmiGoddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu
MaaheshvariPower of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati
MaayaIllusion, Goddess Lakshmi
OjaswiniLustrous, Bright
PaalaviFirst Stanza of Poem
QueenHighest Lady, Wife of a King
TaanvikaGold, Goddess Durga
UditiName of a Raga
YaminiGoddess Lakshmi
ZaaraLight, Brave, Beautiful Flower, Bright
ZeelWaterfall, Jharna
ZoyaShining, Life, Loving or Affectionate
ZarnaA Small Stream of Sweet Water
RaadhiBest friend
RaakhiBringer of Life
RachiHonest Night
EvanshiHeaven queen
HamsiniGoddess of wealth
ForumA star
JagrutiVisible Beheld
TanseemMother of the Vedas, a goddess

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