Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names 2021

Congratulations to the new parents! Explore Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names 2021 Your little one has arrived in life and name is the first gift that parents give to their little bundle of joy. It is the only thing that will remain with them forever. So, giving a name to your baby is one of the crucial steps and is quite a challenging task for every parent. 

Most parents opt to have trendy latest Hindu baby boy names. People prefer giving names based on the celebrity or trending viral things. The name of the baby displays the mentality of the parents. 

All Indian parents prefer to give names based on Hindu culture, tradition and should also be royal and modern too.

How to Choose Unique and Rare Names for Your Baby?

One needs to carry out proper research and take proper time in choosing the name. As a parent, you would always want a cute unique name for your little munchkin that would become his/her identity. So, for deciding unique and rare names we have curated the list of steps to be carried before choosing the name.

  • Carry out proper research
  • Check top parenting websites
  • Initial letters of the name 
  • Parents name combo
  • Based on names of God/Goddess
  • Based on nature and spirituality

Carry Out Proper Research

Selecting the most appropriate name for your kid is quite a difficult task for any parents. So, it is crucial to carry out proper research before choosing any name. 

It may be beneficial to invest your time in selecting the right name, as the name reflects their identity and will last for his/her entire life. The naming ceremony also needs to be planned well in advance. 

Check Top Parenting Websites

You can even refer to top baby name sites for finding out the perfect names. Naming your baby is a big deal. There is much risk associated with getting unwanted comments if the name sounds too unusual.  Hence, to find out the best baby names, you can refer to top parenting sites where you can get a list of unique baby names.

Based on Astrology or Numerology  

A name brings a sense of individuality and impacts their well-being. You can even give names based on astrology or numerology as it has its own unique importance. 

There are few standard rules defined in Vedic astrology for giving a name. According to numerology, celebrities changed their names. For example, Hritik Roshan added H to their name and Ajay Devgn added A. Name should be such that the child should be confident enough while introducing himself/herself. Even care should be taken to avoid giving names that transform into jokes.

Parents Name Combo

Deciding the baby’s name by combining the names of the parents helps to have a unique and rare name for your baby. These days people prefer giving short and simple names. Combining the initial letter of father and mother helps to have a fantastic name for your little child.

Based on Names of God/Goddess

People in India prefer giving names based on the names of God/Goddess as they believe to have a huge influence on his/her personality. However, parents even need to see whether the name would suit them when the child grows up.

Based on Nature and Spirituality

Names based on nature and spirituality would reflect much on a person’s well being. Some of the examples are Iravat, Hridyanshu, Dhruv and much more.  Here, Iravat means rain clouds, Hridyanshu means moon and Dhruv indicates embarked on a spiritual quest of devotion to Lord Vishnu.  

There are a number of Hindu baby boys names available. Some of the names are related to mythology and nature, whereas others are classy and cool names that you can give to your little one. Depending on the themes you can make a choice of selecting the best one. Every religion has a unique way of providing names to their children and has different methods. 

We are identified by the names and names would leave an impression on others. It remains with us even when we are gone and so, it is essential to choose the name with care. The name has the ability to define the personality of your child. 

If you are looking for the unique Hindu boy names in 2021 to name your baby, then, surely you have arrived at the right place. So, we have gathered Hindu boy names which will be useful for you to name your little one. This guide will help you out to find the coolest Hindu baby boy names 2021. 


AadhyanLord of Siva
BadrinathLord Vishnu
ChaanakyaName of Kautilya, the great scholar
SiddharthBuddha, one who is accomplished
TusharSnow, dew
UditGrown, shining, awakened
VarunLord of the water, Neptune
VeerBrave and fearless
YashFame and glory
AadhilObedient, Submissive
AadhiraHonorable judge
ChaitanName of Kautilya, the great scholar
ChakravarthiThe Sun; Ray of Light; Lord Surya (Sun)
ChandrayanVisionary, Having the faculty of seeing
DaiwikBy the grace of God
DakshinayanName of Lord Vishnu
EashanLord Vishnu
EkalavyaRenowned for his devotion to his guru
GajendraCommander of group
HamishRestless, Lord Chandra or Moon
AadhilObedient, Submissive
JagannathLord of the world
LakshmanMt everest
MaahirPerfect isolation
MadhavThe poet, dramatist, slave of godess Kali
NarandraDivine body
OmLord Krishna
RachitOne who Gives Pleasure, Nature
RaghavMagnificent, Destroys Evil, Force for Good
SaatvikSon of Abraham, God Hears
SadashivGod will Increase Your Boundary, Pain
VadishCloud, Lord of the Sky



I hope this list of traditional Indian baby boy names of 2021 is what you were looking for to choose the name that depicts the traditions and culture correctly!

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