Christian Baby Naming Ceremony

Congratulations. You are blessed with an adorable baby that will completely change your life and bring happiness, joy and love. Now, it’s a time for arranging Christian baby naming ceremony for your little one.

Typically, there is no specific day when Christians celebrate the naming ceremony. However, in Eastern Orthodoxy, the naming ceremony is celebrated on the eighth day of life at home or in the church. There is a reason behind celebrating the naming ceremony on the eighth day. It is the day that represents the joy and pleasure of man for the creation as a communion with God.

In Christianity, the naming ceremony happens based on personal choice. Some people may prefer to arrange in the Church. However, it can be held in any location.

Christian baby naming ceremony normally has the tradition of Baptism. Baptism is a Christian ritual that is performed on infants. In Baptism, the baby is initiated into the Church congregation where the water is sprinkled over the head of the baby. Sometimes, for one or two seconds, the baby is immersed in water.

But before celebrating this event, you have to decide a name for your Baby Boy or Baby Girl.

Having a naming ceremony is the best way to arrange family get-togethers and wish your baby all the best for life. Grandparents and relatives give their blessings to the newly born innocent baby.

The purpose of the naming ceremony is to welcome a baby into the family and celebrate the arrival of the baby with the loved ones. Parents share hopes and dreams for their newly born sweet child. Last but not the least, a baby naming ceremony gives a unique identification to your baby for lifetime!

A Christian family enjoys the traditional naming ceremony as it contains a bunch of enjoyable things.

Things to do for Arranging Christian Baby Naming Ceremony Without any Glitch:

1. Preparing invite list:

Preparing a guest list is mandatory because while inviting directly without making a list, you may forget someone for an invitation. Therefore, you should first make a list and then start inviting.

You can also create an invitation card having a theme of a baby. Moreover, these days couples prefer to send an e-invitation to the guests. The online invitation can be done with an image or a video.

2. Arrange the essentials

Essential for a baby such as water, diapers, a feeding bottle, extra pair of clothes and so on.

As parents, you have to take care of the availability of essential things for the baby. After all, the first priority of any new parents is always their baby’s comfort!

3. Give some space to your baby

While gathering, do not take the baby with you in front of lots of people. Give some space to your baby. An open space is more preferable as a baby can breath fresh air.

Moreover, by giving more space, other babies can also play freely and they too enjoy the event.

4. Turn on music during the ceremony:

Kids love music. Music is the life of any party. Moreover, a baby naming ceremony is kids’ party which cannot be complete without music!

One of the most popular songs you can play during the naming ceremony is Baby Shark Dance

5. Hire an event organiser:

Having a busy schedule? Simply hire an event organiser. The event organiser will take off the entire event and you will not need to worry about managing the event.

There are multiple benefits to hiring an event organiser.

1. Saves a lot of time
2. You can enjoy the event to its fullest without any worries
3. It makes budgeting easier for you
4. If you wish to make any immediate changes in plan, an event organiser will do it for you.
5. They can design a beautiful baby event theme based on your requirement.

6. Set your budget

Before organising any type of event, whether it is small or big, you should consider setting up your budget for managing financial planning.

Budgeting helps you with proper planning and avoid any unnecessary waste of money.

7. Click photos and videos for capturing precious memories

For capturing lovely memories of the naming ceremony, you can tell the event organiser to capture candid images and videos as well of guests and a baby. As a parent, you will love to see the captured images and videos of the baby naming ceremony.

When your kid becomes mature, he/she would also definitely love to see images and videos.

8. Offer a welcome gift:

It’s a great gesture to welcome guests with flowers or with a glass of juice or wine. Your guests should love the way the event is organized.

Offering a welcome gift to the guests can lit the mood!

Christian Baby Naming Ceremony Rituals:

1. Welcoming guests and family members
2. Reading a poem
3. The story of 9 months nurturing a baby. Sharing experiences.
4. Importance of parenting
5. Choosing Godparents
6. The parent’s promises to the child
7. The meaning behind the child’s name
8. The name announcement
9. Conclusion

Choosing Godparents is one of the best things in Christian baby naming rituals. Considering the worst-case situation, if the parents die, who would take care of raising the kid? That’s where the concept of godparent takes place. A close relative or friends whom you can trust with your kid’s future in the case of parents death can be honored with the title of godparents at the ceremony.

Family and friends bring various gifts such as gold and silver ornaments, gift coupons, Cash
Toys, baby accessories like cots, bathtubs or prams, clothes, beddings/blankets and so on.

Managing these gifts is also going to be task!

And not forgetting the main thing, deciding the perfect name for your baby!

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