Islamic Baby Naming Ceremony

We congratulate you for becoming a parent of a cute and adorable baby. Now, it’s a time for arranging Islamic Baby Naming Ceremony for your little one.

A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.”

Debasish Mridha

If you are not that much into the religious Islamic activities, you may be not aware of how Islamic Baby Naming Ceremony is arranged. The article explains everything that you need to know about the naming ceremony according to the Muslim religion.

For every religion, the naming ceremony is arranged differently. When a baby is born in an Islamic family, the first thing a parent does is prayer. Adhan is called the first part of the call for prayer that recited in the right ear of the baby. And Iqamah is the second part of the call for prayer that is recited in the left ear of the baby.

Adhan and Iqamah are done by the father of a baby. A father recites Allahu akbar that means God is great. Prophet Muhammad recommends that something sweet like honey should be put into the mouth of a baby.

In the Islamic Baby Naming Ceremony, the parents invite their family members, family and neighbours. The celebration day for the naming ceremony is not fixed. Families arrange ceremonies based on their comfort of time. Majority of the time, the naming ceremony is arranged on the day of birth or third or seventh day of the birth.

Elders of the family give blessings to the newly born baby on the day of Aqiqah. Aqiqah is arranged for the purpose of the naming ceremony on the seventh day of the birth most of the time. The mother and father decide and announce the name of their baby. On this day, the head of a child is shaved.

Along with this, Aqiqah includes the slaughter of sheep. However, in a developed country like the UK, the couple buy meat and distribute it with the guests and poor people too.

For this ceremony, the parents buy fancy clothes for the baby. The parents arrange delicious food for the guests.

Parents can go through a huge collection of meaningful names that belong to Islam for Islamic baby boy Names or Islamic Baby Girl Names.

Decide the best name suitable for your little one and get started on planning the naming ceremony!

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