Christian Baby Boy Names

Are you thinking about naming your Christian Baby Boy Names like Mark or John? Wouldn’t that be a bit common for your prince? He would love something unique and precious because it is going to associated with him for lifetime. 

You may be confused about deciding a modern name for your baby boy. Don’t worry, because now you have landed on a full-fledged list of Christian baby boy names. 

You have landed on this page because you are a Christian who is either blessed with or expecting to have a baby boy. 

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AabrahamEstonian spelling for Abraham. It means father of many.

AaceThe word aace in America means Unity, it also implies to l…

AadenAaden means fire and flame; warmth of the home

Aadnein German language aadne means Eagle, in Norway it is the v…

AajuOlder sibling of the same gender

AajunnguaqDear older sibling

AakkulukSweet little one

AamannguaqGlow, glowing coal

AanarsiGreenlandic form of Anders, meaning manly.

AaranThe meaning of aaran is enlightened, mountain or strength

Aarenthe name has several meanings In Scandinavian the meaning of…

AariMountain of Strength

AaricRule with Mercy; Graceful Ruler

AariyehA rare name desiring spiritual and enjoy of isolation and me…

AaroProgressive; Mountain of strength. Derives from name Aharon

AaronSea or water

Aarronthe one who is Enlightened it also means to sing

AartCeltic – Stone; bear; German – Thor; The Eagle ; A variant f…

AasalLate afternoons or evenings.

Aashifthe one having a confident character or being courageous