Hindu Baby Boy Names

Since you are looking for Hindu Baby Boy Names, I guessed it right 🙂

Warmest congratulations to the new parents on the birth of a baby boy. 

If we have guessed right, your family might be now looking to decide the perfect name for the handsome one.

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Name Meaning Likes

Aashish Living

Aashlesh Embrace

Aashman Lord Vishnu

Aashray Blessings

Aashrith Shelter

Aashutosh Invaluable

Aasir Protector

Aasit Captivating, Fascinating

Aastik Black stone

Aathrav Little mare

Aatish Kind affectionate

Aatmaj {h}Name of Ganesh, {m}fire

Aatmanand Blissful

Aavansh Name of a tree

Aavesh Forthcoming generation

Aayam Lord of the universe or Lord Shiva

Aayan Dimensions

Aayansh God’s gift

Aayu The Sun

Aayudh Span of life