This Year’s Top 100 Baby Names

Choosing the perfect This Year’s Top 100 Baby Names name for your baby is one of the toughest decisions parents have to make. Are you wondering how to choose a name for a little one? The name of your baby varies depending on nationality, religion, culture and many more. 

You might be selecting a name for your little one, whether it be a name of any fictional character, actor or actresses, or based on the current trend. It may vary depending upon your religion, culture, locality, community. Parents wish to have unique names for their children. As per the current trend, it’s more acceptable now for a baby to have a special name rather than giving names as per the naming norms. According to the survey, around 400,000 parents avoid giving popular baby names. At times, people prefer giving names from family trees, on the basis of surnames, names with creative spelling and combining two or more names. 

The super trendy names for girls are based on the names of flowers, goddesses, etc.. One can go through this list of baby girl names and can add selected ones to your list of favourite names. You will surely end up selecting a name that you would love. 

The craze for international inspiration has been increasing popularly in India. For example, they may name Jackson, Luca, Samuel for boys. And giving cute fancy names to girls such as Olivia, Sophia and many more. 

It seems quite stressful as there are endless options available. One can surf through the internet, to have a cute name.  If you are a nature lover, selecting the name of your baby on the basis of nature is the best way to appreciate its importance. 

Consulting an astrologer would also help you in giving the perfect name for your baby. Naming the baby on the basis of his or her sign/rashi indicates good luck. Every rashi has its own significance on the basis of alphabets and syllables. Names are also given from mythological stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

Talking about unisex names – gender neutral are even on the rise. There are numerous names to choose for boys and girls but, unisex names has also been in trend these days. Some of them are traditional names used by either a boy or a girl. They are named from the natural world, places, surnames or a minor change in the spelling. 

In the past, longer names were more popular, which are larger than four letters. Some of those traditional names are Charlotte, Avayah etc. It is said that, for a boy even number of letters should be present and an odd number of letters for girls. The number 11, is considered to be the perfect one for both the genders. 

It would be very exciting being the parents of a new born baby. Parents wish to have a naming ceremony for their little champ. Naming ceremony is also known as “Namkaran”. Nam means name and karan means to create. As per the Hindu tradition, the naming ceremony has a unique significance. A naming ceremony is to be carried out for selecting a name for your baby. It is usually performed on the 12th day after the birth of a baby. 

A naming ceremony is usually started with mantras and prayers by the priest. Grains of rice are spread on a bronze dish and by using the golden stick, the father writes the name on a dish. This ceremony is carried out in the presence of family members and friends and they shower the blessings and give various gifts for the baby. 

Also, the naming ceremony differs according to different religions like Islam and christian.

So, if you are looking forward to having  unique names for your baby. We are here with some cool names that we have listed out. Well you have arrived at the right place! Explore This Year’s Top 100 Baby Names.

AadhiraMinute particle Beautiful
Aatishkind affectionate
AadrikaSmall grass of life
BaishaliAn Ancient City
RadhakrishnaHappy, Joyous, Laugh, Fun, Happiness, Joyful
RameshchandraDiamond, Festival of Swaminarayan, Hira
KanishtaKing of Brahmins, the moon
VairajUnion, Gracious, Dear, Glory, Favour, Grace
PaalitPrecious Protected
ChaarviGoddess Lakshmi Lucky
DaakshyaCrescent Moon
DakshitaThe Moon
EeshaIndian name meaning ‘beautiful, graceful and pure in the spiritual sense’.
FaloniQueen bee
vGajalSong, Love
HaasinaBeautiful, Attractive Girl
IditriOne who praises
JaagaritiWith moonlike face
KaashviIs wakeful
LaxmiGoddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu
MaaheshvariPower of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati
MaayaIllusion, Goddess Lakshmi
OjaswiniLustrous, Bright
PaalaviFirst Stanza of Poem
QueenHighest Lady, Wife of a King
TaanvikaGold, Goddess Durga
UditiName of a Raga
YaminiGoddess Lakshmi
ZaaraLight, Brave, Beautiful Flower, Bright
ZeelWaterfall, Jharna
ZoyaShining, Life, Loving or Affectionate
ZarnaA Small Stream of Sweet Water
RaadhiBest friend
RaakhiBringer of Life
RachiHonest Night
EvanshiHeaven queen
HamsiniGoddess of wealth
ForumA star
JagrutiVisible Beheld
TanseemMother of the Vedas, a goddess
BaishaliAn Ancient City
ChaarviGoddess Lakshmi Lucky

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